Unhealthy Eating: Tips on How to Stop the Bad Habit

 Healthy eating habits will not only help you maintain or lose weight but also keep your body healthy and well-balance. It takes a lot of self-discipline to practice this way especially if you used to eat certain foods which you think that are good enough, but eventually, these foods are not meant for your body. Our body needs foods that are capable of nourishing our cells and tissues in order to attain  the maximum level of physiological functions of our body system well.

The following guidelines are best on how to build-up healthy eating habits and excellent in helping you to improve your health.

  • Eat your meals three times a day. Don't deprive your body by skipping meals especially if you want to lose weight. To help you shed weight, eat the right foods containing a right amount of calories, enough to meet your body's needs without feeling hungry. 
  • Eat in small frequent amount and eat slowly to prevent stomach discomfort.
  • Avoid foods that are inorganic. Organic foods are less in chemicals, thus, support your body to keep you healthy.
  • Choose fiber- rich foods. Fiber helps your digestive system protect from gastrointestinal problems.
  • Choose foods high in protein such as lean meat, legumes, nuts and eggs. Protein is best known for growth and building muscle mass.
  • Do not eat processed foods. Most people are accustomed to processed foods despite that it's harmful to health. It is highly recommended to avoid these kind of foods to prevent from diseases such as cancer, kidney problems and many more.
  • Drink a lot of water everyday. Water helps you to cleanse your digestive system and prevent you from dehydration.
  • Include your favorite spices in your foods to increase your appetite but eat in moderation.
  • Eat variety of fruits and drink fresh fruit juices.
  • More vegetable equals more nutrients. Choose vegetable that are dark in colors especially green leafy vegetables because they contain more nutrients.
  • Avoid foods that contains more salt and sugar.
  • Eat heavy breakfast, moderate lunch and light in diner.


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