How to Fight Depression

Tips and Guidelines to Become Mentally Healthy

Depression is commonly define as the intense emotional feeling of inadequacy and sadness. Many people are experiencing depression due to certain circumstances in which the person's thoughts and emotions are bothered. However, the accurate and definite reasons as to how the affected individual is set off to this disorder is not yet cleared until now. Different theories are arising today that depression is associated  by many factors that contribute the troubling thoughts and emotions of a person. Generally, a depress person is manifested by different signs and symptoms such as inability to fall asleep, socially withdrawn, feeling of worthlessness and helplessness, loss of appetite, inability to concentrate on things, irritability and persistent negative thinking. The symptoms are vary from case to case basis and some are experiencing serious problems depending on the the type of depression they have. So, how to fight this depressive illness? In this article, we will learn the different approaches and ways as to how to combat depression. The following information gives a detail but important idea to help us fight "the blues" days in our life.

  1. Never allow yourself to isolate from the people around you. A person experiencing depression is most likely have a suicidal idea. Because of the intense grief he manifest, a feeling of worthlessness in life is a common feeling. Secluding oneself in a dark room is not also helpful because the level of serotonin- a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating psychological and body functions- will continually decrease, hence it will affect the brain functions. Research studies proved that a person in depression has markedly low in serotonin levels.
  2. Go out and unwind to any place you want to go. This helps you to motivate and stimulate your body to regain the strength you have loss while grieving. Bonding with friends will also support your security needs, that you are not alone and that there is no problem without a solution.
  3. If you are overweight, please do not seek comfort through eating and eating. Your depression will never stop if you find yourself one day that your shirt is not fit to you anymore. On the contrary, if you are underweight, eat food which are appealing to your taste. Consume a large amount of carbohydrate and protein to reinvigorate your energy and enhance the mass of your muscles. 
  4. Indulge yourself in exercise everyday. Take at at least 15-30 minutes of exercise to refresh your body and mind from too much stress. We all know that exercise poses a lot of health benefits like prevention from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and musculoskeletal diseases. Exercise also supports in  releasing your body's toxins and decreasing immune system chemicals that contributes to depression.
  5. Visit a psychologist if you think your depression is not improving. Doctor knows best and he will help your rehabilitation process by implementing variety of approaches for managing depression.
  6. Attend any diversionary activities to mask your negative thoughts and concentration. This is a common yet very effective to relieve stress and frustrations. You can invite your friends for a trip,  group date,  picnics and other leisure activities. These activities will also improve your emotional and psychological aspect through socialization.

Depression is a serious problem if not properly managed and treated. The management is totally depends on how the person perceive the stressful days he encounter. Some people end up consulting in a psychiatrist especially those who are manifesting abnormalities in their daily function. Anyone can fight depression. It may takes a lot of courage and strength for us to motivate, but all are worth to keep a healthy and well-balanced life.


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