Bunch of Fiber

A Healthy Guide From Eating Fiber

It is not uncommon to us that fiber posts a lot of benefits in our body. But how much do you know well about fiber?
There are lots of helpful benefits from eating this healthy nutrient more that what we used to know Aside from lowering the levels of your cholesterol, it also prevents you from many diseases such as gastrointestinal problems, heart diseases, cancers, and many more. Eating of fiber-rich foods will actually prevent you from suffering these monstrous diseases because it has splendid functions on your body system.

Firstly, fiber helps your liver -the largest organ in our body- to cleanse the toxic wastes, and other harmful chemical substances that clutters our body system. If we eat food that is high in fats, the bile is secreted by the liver to help in breaking down the fats into smaller pieces. All nutrients that are necessary in our body are absorbed while the toxic wastes remain with the bile and then goes back to the liver which then filters those unwanted trash. Those constituent parts are then accompanied with a newly created bile and again carries into the bloodstream going to the liver to purify by removing those unwanted pieces of toxins. The liver is prone to be loaded by the different toxic wastes, harmful drugs, fat-soluble wastes and fats. With the help of fiber, the bile will bind up those harmful toxins, fats and cholesterol. And since the fiber cannot be absorbed in the body, they are totally removed through bowel movement. On the contrary, if we eat less fiber-rich foods, the bile will be full of toxins and fats in which it circulates around the bloodstream and go to different arteries especially in our heart which is rich in oxygenated blood.Once the cholesterol blocks one of the arteries in our heart,  it will create a problem called atherosclerosis. If that condition is not properly attended or taken for granted, it will totally block the artery which then stops the blood cascades to the heart, and that's when heart attacks occur.

Other function of fiber is to lessen the amount of estrogen levels in our body. Estrogen contains high fat, because it's totally made up from fats. When a polluted bile-carries toxins and fat-soluble wastes- is not totally eliminated in the bloodstream, the levels of estrogen will increase , thus, stimulates the growth of abnormal cells and most likely cancerous cells. There are various estrogen-type cancers in our body- breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and other female reproductive organs If you don't want to suffer in any of these infuriating diseases, then supply your fridge with plenty of fiber and include them in your meals.
It is very important to keep you body healthy and free from diseases. You don't need to take a special diet program because the best remedy and preventive measures are those natural methods of maintaining your body healthy and they are actually found in your own meal.


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