Yogurt And Its Health Benefits

Yogurt is widely known as a dairy product primarily produced by a bacterial fermentation of milk. It contains "probiotics", a good bacteria that helps digestion.

Yogurt also contains lots of nutrients that are proven beneficial to our body. People around the world especially in Turkey are consuming this delicious dairy product because of its high in protein, calcium and vitamin B complex. They are always including yogurt in their meals because this food has been originated in Turkey. I somehow remember when I was still working in a Turkish company in Dubai, they've always served yogurt during lunch time.

To know more about the health benefits of yogurt, the following information are of great help to add your knowledge on this yummy food.

  • Fights against infection and inflammation
  • Enhances the functions of the immune system
  • Reduces the risks of high blood pressures 
  • Reduces cholesterol levels 
  • Reduces the risk of digestive disorders including colon cancers, inflammatory bowel diseases and infections caused by Helicobacter pylori - a bacteria that cause infections on upper and lower digestive tract.
  • Promotes growth by supporting bones
  • Decreases and heals the chances of having arthritis 
  • Prevents vaginal infections when actively cultured
  • Prevents diarrhea cause by antibiotics treatments
  • Heals symptoms of lactose intolerance
  • Alleviates constipation


Mrs. Kolca said...

I guess you have a typographical error up there sis. Dairy product instead of "diary product".

Yes, yogurt is very healthy and it plays a big part in every Turkish meal. I make plain yogurt every week. Hubby eats almost everything with yogurt. My daughter eats yogurt too. She likes berry yogurt and even plain yogurt.

Anonymous said...

The only yogurt brand I really like are the ones in the supermarket - Nestle brand - and the one from Pancake house - Gurtz(?). The rest taste a little bit sour to me :) I didn't know that it originated from Turkey. Now I know. :)

The Peregrinator said...

namiss ko tuloy ang White Hat hihihi

MeMe said...

@ Mrs. K: Sorry for the error sis. Missed the spelling. I don't know how to make yogurt, I only know how to savour them. Hehehe... Post naman the recipe how to make one, sis. Request na ako. ^_^

@ Hangingbridge: The last time I bought Nestle yogurt was 2 weeks ago. I love nestle yogurt, especially with berries.

@ Peregrinator: What is White Hat sis? Is it the brand?

frumpy no more said...

waaa so yummy! i love love yogurt and berries!!


new follower here sis, hope you could follow me back too! thanks!!

Medicare Supplements said...

I can't emphasize enough the benefits of yogurt for us as we grow older into our senior years. The calcium in yogurt can help prevent osteoporosis. The bacteria in yogurt can help seniors with common digestive problems, as you mentioned, and when mixed with cereal, it can be one of the best sources of vitamin B12. A great reminder for all of us, but especially the elderly.

bechay said...

I haven't tried yogurt ever, don't know why =) But I am aware of the benefits we can get from it. Hubby have encouraged me to try the flavored one but I am too hard-headed.

Sis, just followed your blog. Hope you can visit mine. Thanks!

Jack said...

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Katherine Josh said...

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Moringa Benefits said...

wow yoghurt is yummy and healthy. am craving for one now.

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