"I Cut it Off!" Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

A big event of the year is about to happen. And probably, it's the most-awaited moment you've ever waited for so long and you want to stand-out with a sparkly and expressive eyes paint with gorgeous eyeshadow and lighter mascaras. As you are desperately wanting to achieve a stunning look, you are overwhelmed with mix emotions which causes you to do something you've never done in your entire life - cutting off your lashes. Though certainly nothing wrong trimming them, you realize that it's making you look weird and awful. Now, you want to grow it back yet you don't know.

In case you are really dying to make your eyelashes grow back, temporarily you may want to buy some pair of eyelashes extensions in the market. There are lots of options and designs to choose from. In today's make-up trend, many women are using fake lashes with artsy designs to look fabulous. If you're not a fan of these unique finds, a plain and curvy lashes may fit yours as it they are more natural and simple.

If all of the mentioned choices aren't good enough for you, then be patient to wait when your eyelashes grow back. But want to have a secret to make it grow quite faster? Try to use castor oil! This is not base on user's testimonials but it's already proven from my personal experience.

Normally, our eyelashes grow back from 6 to 8 weeks; however, when bath by a castor oil, the growth is expected in less than the period of time it normally grow.  To do this, pour an ample amount of castor oil in an empty bottle of eye mascara. Before sleeping, bath your eyelashes with the oil at least 2 times a week. Make sure, you'll not make your hairs more wet, just enough as if you are putting a real mascara.


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