No More Pains with Knee Strengthening Exercises

Not all knee pains are related only to age-related conditions, in fact even younger ones in their 20s are experiencing the throbbing pain on knees. For those who are experiencing knee pain after running or knee pain after bending, the following moves may help you to relieve it.

Straight Leg Raising - This exercise is excellent for quadriceps and hip flexors as it stretches your muscles. On a flat surface, lie flat on your back with your legs straight. Start raising one of your legs straight and slow go down. The duration of raising up your leg is between 15-20 seconds. If it's too painful to raise on that particular, 10 seconds is acceptable but as time goes by, lengthen it to the recommended range of time.

Hamstring Exercise with Band - In this case, you are attaching one end of an elastic band (usually Theraband) into a firm pole or even on the furniture in your house then tie the other end to your ankle. To pulled the band tightly, you have to assume a standing position facing towards the people. As you keep your hips statically, pull you leg back slowly while bend knee. If you feel a slight burning sensation on the back, don't worry. It's pretty normal. You can continue doing so by switching legs.

Wall Squatting - This can be done through standing with your back straight pressing the wall and your heels are just foot away with it and separating your knees with a used of a medium-sized ball. Gradually bend knee down applying pressures on the ball until you reach as close as 90-degree angle.


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