Burgers and Hotdogs: Cancer-Causing Foods?

Children and adults, many of us do love eating food chain meals like burgers and hot dog sandwiches, don't we? While this is true, eating these cancer foods can somehow cause a threat to our health. Why? Because these food chain  products are actually a cancer-causing foods. Yes. It's a fact.

Researchers from various respective laboratories and health institutions are highly supported the anti-cancer campaign all over the world by spreading  the "warning" among whooper lovers to prevent eating these foods as less as possible. Not only that, meat process foods are also discouraged like ham, corned beef, meat loaf and others. Maybe some of you might say, "Why not cook them thoroughly?" Well for some foods it can be applied but on meat? NO.

A researcher in University of California emphasizes the importance of meat cooking half-cooked for this is more healthier than a meat that is well-done fried. If you cooked meat at high temperature, it will create chemical compounds which are dangerous to your health. More likely, it will risk you to colon cancer. Boiling and baking meats instead are the best ways to cook them, likewise with marinating before cooking.


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