How Exercise Boost Your Sex Hormones?

Is it the curvy chiseled abs? NO. Not that. Not really. But by the balancing of sex hormones as testosterone and and human growth hormone that improve your skin texture, glow your hair and tone your muscles itself.

In a survey made by the group of British scientists, middle-aged men who exercise and ran regularly every once a week have 25 percent more of testosterone and four times higher of HGH levels compared to inactive ones in their same age. Moreover, active men on their 60’s and 70’s , their sex life can be compared to those who are decades younger to them. It has been known that testosterone enhances the sex drive on both men and women, while HGH (human growth hormone) known for its anti-aging properties. It’s no wonder why many celebrities willing to pay for thousands of dollars to be injected with this youth-serum to maintain youthfulness.

When people talk about exercise, the first thing that would come up in their mind is “losing weight.” While this is true in general, but certain health benefits are also excellent like glowing your skin, boost immune system, stress management and of course, strengthen sex hormones.


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