5 Diet Headache Triggers That You Don't Know

It may be a simple headache and you think it’s still bearable. This is usually what you respond. But as time passes, the pain is throbbing making you ineffective and unable to focus on work. You wonder how a mere headache turns into a disturbing one. The worst is, it develops into a migraine. And since it’s difficult to handle the blood circulation once they are expanding and contracting, taking preventive measures might help. Not only stress management is the effective way to protect you from headache but also diet triggers. You don’t know, but the following foods are actually contributing factors which suffers you more from headaches. It’s time to know the culprits.

Caffeine. Taking drinks containing caffeine is not the reason itself but withdrawing it abruptly. Caffeine can be found in coffee, colas, tea and other particular sodas.

Chocolate. Ever wonder why eating chocolate can sometimes give you a headache? Well, this may be the cause as it's rich in phenylethylamine , a potent vasoconstrictor in which blood vessels contract; thus, makes the blood flow circulate poorly.

Dairy Products. You may say, “No way!” But it’s true. All kinds of hard cheese and foods processed with cheese are included. Other cheese has not been proven to be triggering factor like cottage cheese, ricotta and cream cheese but yogurt has. Though not all are experiencing headaches after eating cheese, researched proved that the longer the cheese aged, the worse the trigger.

Newly Baked Breads. Breads that are 24 hours out of the oven can contribute to the headache as they are risen with yeast. Selected baked products like bagels, doughnuts, pizza dough and soft pretzels should be watched for as these are potentially headache triggers.

Selected fruits and veggies. Dr. David Buchholz, MD, of John Hopkins University wrote a book and listed fruits and vegetables which implicated in aggravating headaches. These are citrus fruits and juices, plums, papaya, figs, dates, plum, avocados, bananas and raisins. Some vegetables include pea pods, sauerkraut and beans. For the spice? Onions, though baby ones are not.


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