Vitamin D and Weight Loss

How the Vitamin Affects Your Weight

A study has been linked to weight loss that people who have elevated level of Vitamin D in their body will likely reduce a significant weight. Vitamin D is widely known nutrient responsible for helping the calcium for absorption and serum calcium in order to balance the normal mineralization of our bones thus keep our safe from bone diseases resulted from low calcium level. The vitamin D also promotes the development of new bone formation through osteoblasts and osteoclasts. If you have low level of Vitamin D in your blood, your body is prone to various health risks such as rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and many more.

The association of Vitamin D to obesity will require extensive research and study as to how the nutrient affects the weight of person. However, a concerning possibility that a person with lower level of Vitamin D may stimulate the body to consider that the approaching cold atmospheric condition suggests the person to keep additional amount of food for consumption. It is also presumed that if your daily intake of Vitamin D is much higher than the normal recommended consumption, it will correspond a larger loss of weight


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