Barefoot Running: The Good Side

Running with your naked food may not be a startling fact to all of us. This has been the preference of some runners during marathon event because of the health benefits they can get from running without using shoes.

Why running barefooted is gaining popularity among runners? The reason behind is very clear. They choose to run without the high-cost-effective-running shoes because they find it very comfortable. Others also point out that they can run at fast pace at will likely to passed thousands of meter hassle-free. According to researchers, the use of supporters- shoes- increases the chances of runners to experience injuries. The use of shoes restrict the balance of foot pressures which creates a strong collision force on the land surface resulted to injuries. However, huge footwear industries disagree the statements of medical experts. Popular footwear manufacturers insisting about the health benefits of using improvised running shoes and that is to enhance the comfort of running and to accelerate the performance of the runners. This issue has been debated all over between the researchers and the ever-growing footwear industries.

Recently, some of the popular footwear brands release their ultimate footwear products specialized for running. The materials are made from premium soles to provide a maximum support system to the feet while they are being used by the runners.


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