6 Simple Ways to Burn Calories

Here's  the following tips that will help you burn more calories.

Lifting. Lifting heavy weights is an excellent exercise of burning calories as it strengthens your muscles. For a maximum result, warm up your body first by doing a jog to add heat on your muscles and fuels your joints. This a great preparation for your body to do more vigorous exercise.

Choose the target. When doing some crunching or walking, focus your mind on the target muscles that you would like to shop in. This would allow you to exert more effort on a particular part of your body and prevents confusion on where to start.

Start early in the morning. Many people would love to do their workout in the morning to maximize their energy levels. Working out in the morning will also rise up the body's metabolism, thus, more calories are being burned. Another benefit of working out in the morning is the endurance of the exercise program that will last for long.

Small frequent meal eating. Researchers believed that eating small meals frequently throughout the day will help you burn more calories. Consuming meals or snack will tune-up your digestive tract and starts digesting and absorbing the food you eat then later burn the calories. If you eat frequently even in small meal, more calories are being burned.

More fluids. More calories. It is very important to hydrate our body while doing the exercise for burning calories. It is believed that consuming at about 2 liters of water per day may help in burning as much 100 extra calories a day. This is a basic way to keep our body well-hydrated to reduce health risks related to kidney, responsible for maintaining fluid balance.

The beach. Taking a walk or running on the soft surface like the sand will help you burn more calories than on the hard plain surface. By doing this exercise for minutes, your calories will burn as much as 20 to 50 percent.


Mrs. Kolca said...

I did 1-5 and believe me, it works! I dropped 2 inches off my waistline in less than 3 weeks. I love it! :D

MeMe said...

Nice one sis! Shedding weight is hard though but with persistent exercise and diet you'll surely reach your goals.
By the way, if you don't mind, what's the measurement of your waistline? :)

Globalhospitals said...

Amazing , THis methods are working :)

Big Hug to this author

Bachuchoy said...

I couldn't find your blog when I first tried to but voila! I'm here!

I remember my mom said that I can eat as frequent as I want to but for only small amounts. I tend to eat one time big time kasi. :-D

Nice blog sis. Very helpful. Oh, and thanks for visiting my page, too. :-)

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