Internet or Books?

Over the past decades, students around the world are relying mostly on the books available in the library, bookstore and on the market. But as the technology rises, the availability of internet has been widely used as the most convenient resource for comprehensive information. As this trend continuously elevated, books are selectively chosen by the learners over the use of internet. Let us dig some points of using with these both methods.

 Firstly, books are somewhat a traditional way of acquiring information written by known and not-so-known authors. The contexts of books are originally based on the dictionary and carefully scrutinize by editors for some errors in grammar since most of the readers and researchers are depending on it. Second, you can read it as many times as you want –sky is the limit. Vital information is being encrypted over and over. New editions have been published for the readers to be updated. However, books impose some disadvantages for the users. Aside from accessibility, we all know that we find it boring because all we can see are the text characters and pictures being printed on the paper. It is undeniably that when can keep it our pockets but there are also huge books and we even have the hard time to lift it up because it’s heavy.  Thus, we have to search for another book for multitude of references.

So what about the internet? It’s a fact that many of us became an internet savvy because of the fun and enjoyment brought to us by the internet. Aside from glitters and flashes of pictures on the screen, we can easily search a certain source of essential info and that’s not all, in one keyword, the browser gives us other possible sources. The influence of internet can take us to many places. It improves our way of thinking, our imagination especially to the children. The enhancement of their psychological functions is significantly developed due to various stimulation of virtual world. Unfortunately, the drawbacks of internet are more compared to books. Anybody can access the internet as long as we are computer literate. But the group of people which are highly affected are the younger ones. There are no certain laws or rules that prevent the children from accessing the internet.  However, it is the responsibility of every parent to guide their children. Unwanted context are being advertised on the screen which are exceptionally insignificant to their learning. These are the facts face in the modern world.

After all it’s in the learner’s perspective on what medium of information is more effective. But for me, books are more effective and reliable because all the contents are originally written from the author’s ideas and stored knowledge. I may find the internet exciting but still the references are coming from books. This is not all about what kind of source is very enticing or interesting. It’s the adaptability to gain knowledge that makes the whole sense.


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