More Health Benefits of Exercise

More stronger. More healthier.


We all know that exercise is not all about shedding weight, warming up our bodies and keeping our body in good shape. Actually, there are lots of health benefits of exercise more than you'll ever think. Ever wonder why your skin looks smoother? Has your sleeping pattern improves? Are you feeling more healthy and illness-free? Well that's what we are going to discuss here. If you find yourself with those improvements, it will probably the good results of regular exercise. To know more about the excellent health benefits of exercise, let's find them out.

Healthy skin

Exercise is known for its function of boosting our blood circulation, thus, dilating the arteries in our skin to receive more blood with nutrients that detoxify our skin through removing toxins, and eventually repair the damage cells cause by harmful effects of sun exposure and other chemicals in the environment.

Improves stress, depression and anxiety

Nothing more exhausting than worrying. Anxiety, stress and mood swings consume our energy and muffles our self-esteem and confidence. But with exercise, it improves the stress hormones produce in our body which make us feel more relaxed and reduce tensions in our looks.
Another one of the health benefits of exercise on depression is the chance for you to improve your socialization with other people. With regular exercise on small group of people, your self-esteem will boost  and helps to get you in a good mood. 

Boosts immune system

Research shows that exercise increases the amount of white blood cells in our body. White blood cells are the good defenders to fight the offenders that cause infections and diseases. It is also said that exercise supports the function of our immune system by helping our lymph nodes to pump out toxins and trashes in our body. 

Improves sleep patterns

If you are suffering from difficulty of falling asleep, regular exercise might be the solution to your problem. When you exercise, our body produces hormone called cortisol - a stress hormone that enhances our sleep. You can perform vigorous exercise like jogging, riding a bicycle, swimming and jumping rope to use your muscles all over your body. Once you are tired enough from using your muscles, your are more prone to sleep well because exercise is a natural tranquilizer. With the ample time of sleep, the more we are healthier and  fresh looking.


Anonymous said...

So true, mas radiant ang skin after a workout. We don't need make-up to glow. Blooming tayo after exercise talaga.

MeMe said...

Thanks for the comment.

It only proves that exercise poses a lot of health benefits to our body naturally.

slimming tea said...

Nice article. When you are trying to lose weight, the best way to do it is still by proper dieting and exercise.

Anonymous said...

well understand why do people need exercise its not because we want to be sexy or something but its really good for the healthy living...thanks for the information Noime...

Anonymous said...

Exercises are helpful in maintaing our body's fitness as well as prevent us from many diseases.

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