Just Another Health Benefit From Eating Green Leafies

Discover why you should eat more green leafies

Surely vegetable salad dressed with Thousand-islands dressing is my favorite past time food. I was researching more about the good reasons why I should eat green leafy vegetables and guess what I found new? Researchers from different universities proved that green vegetables containing a class of flavonoids called flavones will decrease the risk of breast cancer. They said that for every 0.5 millimeters of flavones - equivalent to 1 1/2 raw spinach or about 2 cups shredded iceberg lettuce - consume per day, the risk of breast cancer will likely decrease at about 13 percent. This is a good news for all women out there who are thriving to eat more leafy veggies. Now I am more likely to eat more greens to prevent from breast cancer. 

So how about you? Are you fond of eating  leafy veggies? Share your stories and experience. 

Source: Women's Health and Fitness 


Unknown said...

I guess, it is healthier if we replace thousand island with a squeeze of lemon and olive oil. Yum! Favorite ni hubby yan. Hihi.

MeMe said...

Yes sis. That's true. It's really delicious when lemon and olive oil are added.

Anelli Xavier said...

I do agree that green leafy vegetable are absolutely healthy. But I am one of the many people who do not like eating these foods. I just don't why I hate its taste. Can give me some advice or tips on how to like these green leafy veges? I really wanna eat them, but when I put them in my mouth, I can't even swallow a single of it!!

online education said...

I am not a vegetarian but I after reading this post I realized that being a vegetarian is the best way to live a healthy life. My family has a history of cancer. I think this can help us avoid such illness. Thanks to people who are making green leafy veges into a delicious meal!

MeMe said...

@ Anelli Xavier: I also knew people like you who don't really eat veggies because they just couldn't stand the taste. If you are really that much trying to eat green leafy veggies then you might add some foods that are appealing to you just like spices or anything that will boost your appetite.

@ Online Education: Just eat vegetables as much as you want. Just don't force yourself to do so. Anyways, there are lots of ways to avoid cancer if it runs in your family blood. You can read an article here about anti aging foods. They are excellent in preventing cancer.

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