5 Effective Tips for Common Cold Remedies - and flu

It is true that climate change is taking place. And what it makes a "problem" to us is that it directly affects our health because of the unpredictable weather conditions that keeps changing. This is what recently happen to our place wherein the rains suddenly pour down unexpectedly as it preceded by a very hot weather condition. Though this may not be the main cause of common cold, it somehow contributes secondary to a weak immune system. To help your little soldiers in your immune system, you can take effective measures as common cold remedies.

1. Optimize your overall health status by taking adequate rest periods such as sleep and daytime breaks. This will allow you to minimize your stress from workloads and other factors that can compromise your immune system. By getting rid of stress, you are not susceptible to frequent infections and may even help you recover faster from colds and flus you get. Also, wash your hands as this is has always been the universal precaution whether you are sick or not.

2. Support your nutritional needs by taking a vitamin like Absorbent acid (Vitamin C). It is known to protect you from getting sick as it gives a boost to your immune system. A daily recommended dose of Vitamin C ranges from 250mg to 500 mg.

3. Provide yourself with an environment conducive for fast healing. Clean your space from dust with the use of air filters. It will help you to improve ventilation as it traps the allergens and dust particles that trigger your colds. If you don't have air filters, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suction the dusts. And since colds restrict you from breathing more oxygen in, open your windows to invite some fresh air in your room. Do not use tissues as it will only aggravates your condition.

4. For a stuffy nose, take medicine known for reducing allergic reaction like sneezing. An antihistamine medicine for common cold remedies is much more effective as it relieves nasal congestion. Just take caution of other medicines that contain Ephedra-type antihistamines as these are known to heighten blood pressures, cause sleep problems and even trigger prostate-related diseases.

5. Don't use antibiotics. This is not really recommended for people who are experiencing slight infections. It doesn't mean you are infected, your body is totally compromised. Having an infection is also means your immune system is fighting antigens (microorganisms responsible for getting an infection). Remember your little soldiers (white blood cells)? They are the ones who are helping you to kill those culprits that make you sick.

5 Diet Headache Triggers That You Don't Know

It may be a simple headache and you think it’s still bearable. This is usually what you respond. But as time passes, the pain is throbbing making you ineffective and unable to focus on work. You wonder how a mere headache turns into a disturbing one. The worst is, it develops into a migraine. And since it’s difficult to handle the blood circulation once they are expanding and contracting, taking preventive measures might help. Not only stress management is the effective way to protect you from headache but also diet triggers. You don’t know, but the following foods are actually contributing factors which suffers you more from headaches. It’s time to know the culprits.

Caffeine. Taking drinks containing caffeine is not the reason itself but withdrawing it abruptly. Caffeine can be found in coffee, colas, tea and other particular sodas.

Chocolate. Ever wonder why eating chocolate can sometimes give you a headache? Well, this may be the cause as it's rich in phenylethylamine , a potent vasoconstrictor in which blood vessels contract; thus, makes the blood flow circulate poorly.

Dairy Products. You may say, “No way!” But it’s true. All kinds of hard cheese and foods processed with cheese are included. Other cheese has not been proven to be triggering factor like cottage cheese, ricotta and cream cheese but yogurt has. Though not all are experiencing headaches after eating cheese, researched proved that the longer the cheese aged, the worse the trigger.

Newly Baked Breads. Breads that are 24 hours out of the oven can contribute to the headache as they are risen with yeast. Selected baked products like bagels, doughnuts, pizza dough and soft pretzels should be watched for as these are potentially headache triggers.

Selected fruits and veggies. Dr. David Buchholz, MD, of John Hopkins University wrote a book and listed fruits and vegetables which implicated in aggravating headaches. These are citrus fruits and juices, plums, papaya, figs, dates, plum, avocados, bananas and raisins. Some vegetables include pea pods, sauerkraut and beans. For the spice? Onions, though baby ones are not.

How Exercise Boost Your Sex Hormones?

Is it the curvy chiseled abs? NO. Not that. Not really. But by the balancing of sex hormones as testosterone and and human growth hormone that improve your skin texture, glow your hair and tone your muscles itself.

In a survey made by the group of British scientists, middle-aged men who exercise and ran regularly every once a week have 25 percent more of testosterone and four times higher of HGH levels compared to inactive ones in their same age. Moreover, active men on their 60’s and 70’s , their sex life can be compared to those who are decades younger to them. It has been known that testosterone enhances the sex drive on both men and women, while HGH (human growth hormone) known for its anti-aging properties. It’s no wonder why many celebrities willing to pay for thousands of dollars to be injected with this youth-serum to maintain youthfulness.

When people talk about exercise, the first thing that would come up in their mind is “losing weight.” While this is true in general, but certain health benefits are also excellent like glowing your skin, boost immune system, stress management and of course, strengthen sex hormones.

Water Therapy 101: How Much To Drink During Exercise?

No one wants to get dehydrated during exercise session. Of course, this is the most important thing to note  is to  replenish the water loss in your body. You may even intake special fluids with electrolytes to maintain the fluid balance, aren't you? But have you ever thought about how much water to drink? If you don't know yet, the following suggestions could help you to learn how much water to consume before and during workout.

No More Pains with Knee Strengthening Exercises

Not all knee pains are related only to age-related conditions, in fact even younger ones in their 20s are experiencing the throbbing pain on knees. For those who are experiencing knee pain after running or knee pain after bending, the following moves may help you to relieve it.

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